Salida First Baptist ChurchThe purpose of Salida First Baptist Church is to Know, Worship, and Obey God according to the Bible. Salida First Baptist believes The Bible is the inerrant word of God.

Our mission is to be light to the lost, help for the hurting and provide maturity to the believer.

We believe that God has chosen the local church to represent His life and His love to the community. Through our church, people should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour, become part of the body of believers, and be discipled. At Salida First Baptist Church our goal is to be a thriving church in Southern Chaffee County.

Our goal at Salida First Baptist Church is to love, to praise, and to worship God in freedom, power, and humility. We believe when we worship God, we are connecting with the Lord of all creation.

We are a church who believes in the reality of prayer. We believe that corporate and private prayer is essential.

Salida First Baptist Church is a community church with a Baptist name.